Elizabeth (pinklala) wrote in joelfuckshilary,

Joel doesn't fuck Hilary?

I thought this might be of interest. This ruins my fantasy though...

Innocent Hilary Duff's DRIVING HER MAN CRAZY!

Good Charlotte front man Joel Madden, 26, may be getting tired of the lack of action in his relationship with popstar Hilary Duff, who turns 18 on September 28th.

A souce tells Star the pair, who have been dating for more than a year, still have a very innocent relationship: "They kiss, but that's as far as Hilary will go."

She might be embarking on her first long-term relationship, but Hilary is very much under mom Susan's control. The source says she is given a $2,000-a-month allowance and has a midnight curfew -- and unlike her older, eyeliner-wearing beau, she's eager to keep things chaste.

"Her mom trusts her and feels that when Hilary wants to take that plunge, she'll talk to her first," says the source.

Meanwhile, the sources says Joel is trying to hang on. "He's not the kind of guy to put pressure on a girl, but it's tough!" says the source.

---Jennifer Pearson*
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